What Are the Odds Between a Slot Machine and a Blackjack Table?


I’m curious to know the odds in Blackjack compared to slots. Many YouTube videos compare the two, but I’d like this information based on numbers and not someone’s opinion. Thank you!


The question of how much better (or worse) a Blackjack player can expect to do relative to a slot machine player is exciting and challenging. What we’re going to do here is approach it in stages:

The answer depends on what you mean by “better.” If you want to maximize your expected winnings, the best choice would be Blackjack. However, if you’re going to minimize the time until your money runs out, the best option is a slot machine.

So if your goal is to get as much money into your pocket as possible, you’re better off playing the slot machines. If it’s to play as long as possible, go with Blackjack.

These numbers are also dependent on your skill level at both games. So if you’re a brilliant blackjack player but pretty bad at slots, the reverse would be true; if you were good/average at both games, they’d be about the same.

How do casinos use slot machines to maximize revenue?

Slot machines:

1. Attract customers by having flashy and attractive machines

2. Keep customers, thereby offering comps and making it feel like they have a chance to win.


1. Attract customers by having complimentary drinks and other amenities

2. Keep customers, thereby letting them see their money increase (rather than decrease), so they’ll keep playing until it’s gone, then hopefully come back another day.

Another secret of casinos is that they have a decisive advantage in these games but are highly secretive about their odds. If anyone knew the true odds for each game, it would reduce or eliminate the player’s advantage. This is why when you go to gamble, the casino won’t tell you the “true” odds on any games. So even though you could find out the odds of winning on a slot machine, it wouldn’t do you any good unless you knew how much money they were making off of it (which they don’t want to reveal).

Which game is more likely to result in a payout for the player?

Slot machines have a much better chance of paying the player than Blackjack. In Slot machines, you’re more likely to get a few small “wins” that add up over time. In Blackjack, you might win one large payout, but it’s far less likely. This is because, in Blackjack, you have to ask for your money (unless it’s already on the table) before you can receive it. Slot machines depend on the device, but there’s usually at least one way to “cash out” without playing all of your money away.

Which game is better for casinos?

Blackjack is better for casinos since although each player has a low chance of winning (on anyone’s hand), they’re more likely to lose money overall. With slot machines, even though players have a low probability of winning on each play, over time, it’s expected that most players will lose money since they won’t be able to stop themselves from continuing to play.

An interesting fact: Casinos make less money from slot machines than you think. In fact, for most casinos, they’re a small fraction of total revenue. However, the advantage is that slot machines have a higher “hold” rate (the casino’s cut), so they bring in more money over time.

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Tips for increasing your chances of winning at Blackjack or slots:


1. Play with a small amount of money. If you start losing, you won’t be upset if your money is gone; and if you win, it will feel like much more than the buy-in (the minimum amount needed to play).

2. Take advantage of any opportunities that may increase your odds of winning. This includes insurance, doubling down, etc.

Slot machines:

1. Find a machine you’re comfortable with (i.e., one where you don’t feel it takes too much of your bankroll). If you win too quickly, it will make you want to play even more to get rid of your “winnings.”

2. If you get too low on your bankroll but want to continue playing:

-Cash-out and play with that amount (if possible). You can always cash out, then deposit money into the machine; or

-Only bet one coin at a time (although this makes it harder to win big if you win).


Casinos aren’t as scary as you might think – here’s why you should give them a try! We hope this information has been helpful and that it will provide you with a better understanding of how these two popular casino games work.

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